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  1. status update for the fans

  2. hard to believe wumeme had 40 points in a game ngl
  3. stop downvoting me you freaks

  4. Website || Discord: https://discord.gg/cHKsyHr || Clan World Voted: Most Athletic and Best Looking Members Rev was nice enough to give us a fight in preparation for the 55 def cap rounds of the sharkbrew tournament. Both of the rounds that we won started the same way. We would jump out to a quick start and thanks to amazing pile selection by Paul and Mohd we found ourselves fortunate enough to hang on for the victory. Thanks for the action revs r1 r2 loss r3 VIDS: On-Pile: oN Sn Snipe freezing: s/o mohd getting caught literally 2 minimaps away inside of them
  5. Hisaka's on pile POV: Kye's MF pov: