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ecology /ēˈkäləjē/ - noun - The scientific study of the relationships between living things and their environments.


We can't fix a problem if we don't know that it is there. One of the first steps to improving our environment is to tell people about it! We want to help you educate citizens, students, and professors on how they can use technologies to learn about and promote awareness about their local ecology.


Are you working to improve the environment in your local area? Have you received a grant, or are you in the process of writing an environmentally focused grant? Let us bring our expertise of science, technology, and evidence-based methodologies to your project!

Smart Networks

AtmoVision uses leading-edge technologies to develop smart networks. We can build customized sensors to measure pollutants for any air quality related project. A custom built sensor can deliver real-time data by utilizing existing wireless infrastructure. Or, we can deploy a very low-cost and reliable wireless network that maximizes the data gathering potential of your geographic area!


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Protecting the Air We Breath


To Innovate and to Inspire Innovation


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Passion for Ecology Meets Technology

Citizen Science

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Relevant Context and Objective Results

Our Story

Educating, advocating, and building smart networks for air quality awareness since September 2017.

  • September 2017

    Our Humble Beginnings

    AtmoVision filed with the State of Texas as a nonprofit organization. Article 5 of AtmoVision's purpose begins, "a proponent for the scientific education and encouragement of individual involvement and activism."

  • April 2018

    Funding from the ESC

    Ph.D. students David Mills, Guixing Wei, Niaz Morshed and Shadi Maleki were awarded a grant by Texas State University’s Environmental Services Committee (ESC) for the Bobcat Clean Air Project, beginning Spring 2019.

  • October 2018

    AtmoVision Files for 501(c)3 status

    Pursuing our goal to become the leading innovator in utilizing the latest technology to educate, advocate, and build smart networks for air quality awareness, AtmoVision files for 501(c)3 status.

  • November 2018

    First Conference Presentation

    PhD students David Mills and Shadi Maleki make the first public presentation for the Bobcat Clean Air Project at the 10th Annual International Research Conference for Graduate Students at Texas State University!

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Our Amazing Team

We have a hard-working team of environment and technology experts!

David Mills

Executive Director & President

Guixing Wei

Vice President

Shadi Maleki

Advocate for Children's Health & Treasurer

Niaz Morshed

Human Health and the Environment & Secretary

Our team works to advance the local, state, and federal education system as well as the science regarding air quality. AtmoVision’s work helps to preserve clean air, which helps to increase overall community health. Please invite us for a seminar to educate citizens, students, and professors about how they can use the latest technology to learn about their environment, advocate for improved ecology, and to promote air quality awareness. Also, if you are interested in becoming a part of our team, partnering with us, or if you have any questions then please use a social media link below!